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 Welcome to Corrupted Knights 
Start of clan: March 13, 2009
Trial Member:
65+ Combat
52+ Mage -&- Range
45+ Prayer
Teamspeak 3 -&- IRC

Full Member:
4 events attended
70+ Combat
60+ Mage -&- Range
45+ Prayer
Leader: Crazyy & Monkeyy
Council: Ka150
Warlords: Dante Cage & xMike
App Managers: Africa Mate & Ayu24
Event Coordinators: GT Rey

IRC Chat: #Cknights
Timezone: Canada and US, EST (Gmt -5)
Cape Color: Red & Black (Team cape 49)
Home World: 38
See right for timezones.
War Record

 Corrputed Knights 
Posted by iAnneFrank on Mon Oct 13, 2014 4:24 am

So yeah we decided to reopen on October 11th.

So let's make it clear are a community clan d:

Our Goals:

~ Make this site own
~ Be a top 100k clash of clans
~ Be mechanical gods
~ Be well rested
~ Watch diverse amounts of anime
~ Expand fatboy's ...everything d:

Get hyped guys!

Edit: Make sure you guys idle in #cknights :D

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 August Burns Red 
Posted by xMike on Sun Aug 11, 2013 1:53 am

Hello Knights. Welcome to your latest monthly topic... MIKE STYLE. So this past month was a relatively quiet one with some nice pking trips.

This was a particularly interesting month for Fez. She experienced some good moments...

Click to show:

...and some hilarious moments.

Click to show:

As for the rest of us, we have been a bit slouched as of late. Most of the blame has to be on me. As you know, it's tough to find wars at our level with the numbers we have. This is why it is absolutely crucial we all as a clan work to bring in new members to the family. We have proven on pk trips and our join battles with CE that we do have the quality to win battles; We just need to get the numbers up.

That aside, it's been an enjoyable month with you all. Increase the activity and give me suggestions of events you would like. I'm always open to new ideas.

I know it's not my place to make a decision on MOTM, but I do want to give a shout out to
GT Rey for doing an amazing job as Event Coordinator. Keep it up bud!

And here's a pic of Africa..


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 Notice for Closure 
Posted by Banana on Fri Jul 12, 2013 6:37 pm

Fellow Knights,

There's no easy way to say this, however, I will give it my best shot. Hopefully, my aim will be to rally you up and bring in reinforcements. The alternative is that we go into a spiral of doom, which this time we may not recover from.

I'll begin by telling you what happened in August 2011. In that summer, we were forced to go down a route which is neither pleasant or progressive. It got to a point where we pulled 4 people to a war. Somehow, and credit mostly to Crazyy, we were able to turn it around, and the summer of 2012 saw us pull 25+ for the first time in 2 years. This is a happy ending.

Now, we are at a dilemma again. For some of us, the game has taken its toll, and people are starting to move on in their lives, and that's fine except it does leave a hole which is not being filled up again. Myself and a few others in the clan have lived through the ups and downs of the clan. I have seen us do much worse than times like this, and I will not lie: this is a pretty bad time. Many of you seem to be giving up or not having the effort to recruit, which just leaves us with lower numbers.

But, this time can be turned over as well. It's the summer - many people are out of school. What you do in the next few weeks could see the potential rise in CK and should you love the people who you hang out with on Teamspeak or in-game, then it is your duty to see it continue. Together, as a community, we can restore the numbers which we managed last year.

This also goes in hand with the amount of wars we can get. The lower the amount of people in the clan, the less clans available to war. If we all work together and recruit as well as trying our best to attend events, then we can start getting more wars. In the meantime, focus on recruiting. The community is what makes us special, so use that to your advantage. Also remember, you can recruit someone with no experience in warring, and they'll learn how to war pretty soon enough.

If some of you are thinking that recruiting is so hard. There's so few people that want to join the clan. I know, but follow this (no pun intended):



HAVE YOU ________
  • Tried again.
  • Tried doing it a different way.
  • Tried using something different.
  • Looked at how other people are doing it.
  • Asked other people how to do it.

Stick at it, and see how good it feels to learn how to it.

Now I found the above on a poster in a classroom for 6 year olds. The point being, you can take something away from this - there is always another way of recruiting someone. You just have to connect with them the right way.

And finally, this is targeted at those who have expressed their concerns at me lately (you know who you are). Once again look at what I have written and think if there's an alternative because some of you may or may not seem to care about CK, but if you look at it in the family sort of way, then you would want to keep a family together, right?

So my aim of this was for everyone to try their hardest in recruiting. I'm just going to say here that we desperately need them to survive as well as getting more wars otherwise it'll just be a slow, painful death. Hopefully, I've gotten through to most of you.

So now the choice is yours: Recruit with the rest in hope of saving CK or give up knowing you could have helped. Your choice.


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Posted by Banana on Mon Jul 01, 2013 5:20 pm

Welcome ole Knights as well as new to July... where summer approaches, and those cold weather days are a distant memory. I know that America has its 4th of July, well I'd like to inform you that so does England... because that's how we get from the 3rd of July to the 5th of July..! :Insert Laugh Here: ... Anyhoo, June has been a busy month for all of us for those taking exams to proms to god knows what you guys get up to. What I am pleased to say is that we as a clan are progressing and getting much more active on teamspeak to talk to one another. But here as I rattle on about my experience from the life of being CK leader, you are all holding your breaths in anticipation for the monthly news, so without further ado, I present to you the precious secrets your leaders have discussed during the previous month.


I'm sorry to start on such a sad moment, but due to one of us trying to achieve his ambition of being a world-class cook (tbh he can't get any better than Monkeyy, and we all know how GOOD Monkeyy is at :cooking: ), Dante Cage is stepping down as Warlord for CK. Dante has been with CK for well over a year, recruited from Soul Bane and has slowly climbed up the ladders to become someone I think is very dedicated to the clan. He has gone above and beyond his duties as a warlord to always act in the best interests for CK. Whilst being a fine addition to CK staff, he has provided "comedy" on our PK trips, changing the nature one thinks about when it comes to PK trips and wars. Although real life does take its toll, Dante will be missed by staff and members alike, since he is influential in the manner he brings himself to be. We all thank Dante for all his hard work, thus depending an outcome, have decided to award him a retired rank due to the nature that we may hope he returns to us again.

On the upside, it has opened a position to be trial warlord. Much like how Dante got awarded the warlord position, you will PM both Monkeyy & Crazyy the following code, filling it out where necessary. The process will be determined by a month of being trial warlord as well as several things expected.

Remember to PM this to BOTH Monkeyy & Crazyy:

1. Do you have a headset?

2. Would you say you are fairly active on site & irc?

3. How would you rate yourself in calling? (1 - 10) 1 Very bad (Willing to learn) - 10 Amazing! No problems

4. Why do you deserve a chance to be our warlord?


Well, this month's member of the month (gosh that's a mouthful) goes to someone who has been here a long long time. If I had to describe the person in 2 words, I'd have to use the words, "That net." All jokes aside, this person is astounding to the amount of commitment and perseverance they have put into CK. Joining when they were fairly new from the clan world, I have watched this person develop to be one of our rising stars. Sure there have been bumps along the way but this person's loyalty has never wavered nor have their enthusiasm for being in CK. Now saying this, I'm guessing you may have a hint about who it is, so I'm delighted to say that this month's member of the month is... : Drum Roll :...

Click to show:
Fez J!

PK'ing & TeamSpeak 3

To PK or not to PK, that is the question. Honestly, PK trips have been happening more frequently now. I see spur trips being set up at very odd hours (not sure who I'd expect to meet at 5 AM EST). For your comfort and to help keep as discreet from other clan friends from other clans, we have created a segregation channel. This is to aid in keeping anonymity in terms of locations and calling. In an effort to make teamspeak more community involved, there are two other channels open to anyone: "Lounge" & "Music." The reduction of channels and limitations have been placed in order for everyone to talk to EACH OTHER more. In the upcoming month, take the time to talk to those who you don't talk to as much. We're all in the same clan, so let's know who we're with! In relation to PK'ing, more spur events such as PK trips will be done (this will be added to attendance), if there are ENOUGH numbers on teamspeak, so I urge you - whenever you're on the computer, come on Teamspeak to talk with anyone.


Ah the old attendance table can be used today. It has the retirees taken out of it. I'd just like to point out that a very well done needs to be stated to those who came to the 07 fight as well as EoC fight against Clan Europe.
We've had a few low pulls and high pulls but the consistency has been there so thanks for sticking through; you've all shown to be great members and let's try hit 70%+ next month! The table is posted below.

Yellow - Extremely activity - keep it up: 80%-100%+Green - Good - Aim for higher!: 50%-80%Orange - Need to work a bit harder: 30%-50%Red - Need to PM immediately: 0%-30%

Africa X
Dante Cage
Fez J
iDontCare L
GT Rey
I Anryu I
N U M B X x

Anyone not mentioned are either [inactive] trial members or inactive. Let's aim for higher next month!

Well done to... Congao for amazing attendance and Emphasise, Fez J, iDontCare L and P E C K for good attendance!

The full attendance can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc ... IRXc#gid=5

Recruitment Competition

Well, I'm not sure whether to say this contest was a success or not... We are gaining recruits however, not a single one of you have actually signed up. If you guys have any feed back for Sab & Rey, please do PM them on site. But the message still stands: "KEEP RECRUITING; APPLICATION MANAGERS ARE BORED"


I'd like the round off the topic with a small reminder. This isn't as important, but it does hold a clan together. Those who aspire to do more, there are further applications that you can do. They lead on to better and more worthwhile rewards. That being said, mentors which goes hand in hand with the recruitment contest, will be more valuable considering the amount of recruits we may possible stand to gain. So if you are interested, look around the right places, and apply.


Your Leaders,

Crazyy & Monkeyy

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Posted by qb 22 on Fri Jun 21, 2013 3:29 pm

:madface: :madface: :madface: :madface: :madface: :madface: :madface: :madface: :madface: :madface: :madface: :madface: :madface:

First off, Monkey. Your picture on ts is wrong. You need that to be a despicable me minion. You are dropping the ball there. how can you expect to lead a clan when your british tea drinkin ass aint doint crap but being a banana with a wrong picture.

Crazy, xbox? Hello?

Dante, youre a noob.

just reconfirming that dante is a noob.

Chantel... Where do i begin... Little miss, "Oh i'll messege you on skype but call? NAHHHH" "you should get on ts more" *gets on ts* *no chantel* I finally see her on ts, and she aint there. I yell at you and you FINALLY wake up. Bitches be trifflin, rage mode engaged Chantelamundo. Goin all batshit angry on me and crazy cause i said something about viagra, diet soda, a goat, and pirates of the Caribbean. Then followed up with playing EOC on a members world when i logged in to play rs for the first time in 98 days. OH HELLL NAW! mean while crazyy over here being noob up in new york like "EH YO DAWG HOMESKILLET G MAN ESSEY! Chillaxin watchin some netflix need to get hulk mode chantel going so i can say RIP and hide"

Rest of yall dafuck why aint you on ts you noobs! noobs with boobs as well. :newbie:

Rant over continue business as usual.

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 Recruitment Competition 
Posted by Sab on Wed Jun 05, 2013 2:36 am

Recruiting Competition!


This month, a recruitment competition will be hosted for CK. There will be teams of 3 competing against each other for first place, teams that the members will make themselves (teams won't be assigned). Any member that applies for trial member+ in June will count (meaning even if their progress doesn't end until sometime in July, they will still count if they complete the trial progress. Each team must have a team captain to post their team members (including themselves) and edit in those their team recruits.

- One person can't be in multiple teams
- Each member must take part
- No stealing another team's recruit
- If your recruits leave, your points go with them
- For 3 people teams, at least 1 person must be a different rank (Ex. 2 full members, the third can't be a full member)
- For 4 people teams, at least 2 people must be a different rank (Ex. 2 full members, the third member can't be a full member, and the fourth member can't be a full member nor whatever rank the third member is)

Points system

- 1 point for recruiting a level 65-74
- 2 points for recruiting a level 75-84
- 3 points for recruiting a level 85+
- 5 points if your recruits make 60 posts in 4 weeks


- 1st place: 1m per member, signatures/avatars
- 2nd place: 500k per member

Team Members
Team Recruits

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 [IMPORTANT] Just a heads up... 
Posted by Banana on Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:23 pm

Hey CK,

Just a heads up in case you didn't see my message in the shout box for whatever reason. In any case, if you check your private messages carefully, you should see that someone tried to send a PM out to everyone in CK and did it discretely. Luckily I happened to be on the site at the time because I just so happened to be waking up. Now, if you had any sort of common sense, I think you would have disregarded the PM as soon as you saw it but just in case you didn't: Read my PM that I sent out first!.

I don't want any of you to be infected or bank robbed as it were. So, if you need help, feel free to me either me or Crazyy. And if you somehow fell for that link, I don't know what to say except... Er... I can't believe you bought that story. The way he did it was to use the url BBcode and include a link to what ever site he wanted whilst making the text look legit.

Rest assured, I've sent a PM to the site admin and hopefully we can trace where it came from. All I can say is Don't click links from strangers!. It's a bit like when your mother says don't take sweets from strangers, except this time you can't see their face.

Hopefully, I've made my point...


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